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• Design & Installation
• Landscape Refresh
• Tree & Shrub Care

• Drainage / Dry Creek Beds 
• Bed Care & Mulching 

• Retaining Walls
• Pavers
• Outdoor Living Spaces

• Outdoor Lighting  
• Pondless Water Features

About Us

At Jared Johnston Landscaping LLC, we’re committed to providing our customers with a straightforward, predictable experience for all their landscaping needs. Led by a third-generation craftsman who walked away from the corporate world to return to his passion. We are landscapers first who have combined the efficiencies of a large company with the hands-on approach our customers expect from a family-owned business.


Our customers come back to us and refer us because we’re responsive, professional and they love the work we do.


Whether we’re mulching or installing large and complex outdoor installations we strive to accomplish the following principles to guide our work:

  • Customer-focused: If our customers have a crystal clear vision or seek our insight for their homes, we adapt.


  • Professional ExecutionClear communication, clean job sites, and professional appearances. 


  • IntegrityFrom our owners to our employees, our team focuses on high moral character, respect, honesty, and personal responsibility.


  • ExcellenceWe love to build and to help homes reach their full potential through craftsmanship and creativity.


  • StewardshipWorking to improve the value of our client’s home through environmentally sustainable practices that stand the test of time.  



Scott M

Jared does a fantastic job. Be prepared for a high level of communication, attention to detail, and offering his expert suggestions. We pretty much went with every suggestion he made and began to just say "do what you think looks right." Prices were fair and competitive, and he trued up the contract at the end. I've not worked with anyone who reduced the cost of a project through decisions made throughout.

I sought Jared out to overhaul my front yard landscaping and 143 plants later couldn't be happier with the results. He thoughtfully constructed landscape design plans to meet my long list of needs and incorporated some edits based on feedback. His install team was friendly and approachable. The front yard looks great now and Jared left me with a ton of care advice. I'll definitely be working with his team again - highly recommend!

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